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Yogo University

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yogo universityYoGo University Specializes in providing you and your staff with the necessary information and training to help you run a successful frozen yogurt shop. As with any business there is a learning curve to making that business successful, we know, we have been there. Our goal with Yogo University is to make this learning curve as painless as possible.

We teach your management and staff the "ins" and "outs" of running a successful frozen yogurt shop. It's not as easy as some would think so we provided the needed training to make it easier. Our Yogo Factory University was designed to get your frozen yogurt shop operational as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the University your management will learn all aspects of the job needed to run your frozen yogurt shops. This is a large responsibility and the franchisee may want to get this education as well. As with most retail stores, having a well-trained manager makes everything in the store operate much smoother so we make sure to provide your management with the tools need for success.

We understand that having a well-recognized brand like the Yogo Factory is critical, but having the properly trained staff in your frozen yogurt shop is almost as critical. Therefore we provide clearly organized steps for staff responsibilities, including their daily processes, to let the manager focus what they need to for your frozen yogurt shop.

At YoGo University we cover all of the processes required for managing a frozen yogurt shop so you have what you need to be successful. Your managers and staff will learn the following processes first hand.

  • Supply Management/Distribution
  • Day-to-Day Operations: Opening, Closing and Cleaning
  • Flavor Management and Seasonal Planning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Hiring and Staffing
  • Advertising: media relations, social media tools and implementation
  • Marketing: Promoting your frozen yogurt shop for ongoing success
  • Financial: Point of Sale Software and reporting

Once you join the Yogo Factory Family as a Franchisee you are entitled to send a manager and staff to our home office to attend our Yogo University. We provide them with classes and hands on training in our corporate owned stores so they get firsthand experience. This knowledge and experience will provide them with the confidence to successfully run your Frozen Yogurt Shop.

That confidence allows the staff to provide a fun environment for your customers to enjoy their frozen treats. As a franchisee, your business and your success are a direct reflection on our brand. We want you to be as successful as possible so we can also be successful. By providing the education and training combined with our proven business model and brand, we know that this will put your frozen yogurt shop on a path to success.

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