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Non Fat Tarts - Frozen Yogurt

Yogo Factory nonfat or "fat free" frozen yogurt contains less that .5g of dairy butter fat per serving. A tasty serving contains 100-110 calories depending on the frozen yogurt flavor. Yogo Factory nonfat frozen yogurt is specially crafted to provide a rich and creamy mouth feel while delivering a nonfat experience! And don't forget that frozen yogurt provides a good source of calcium to your daily diet. Yogo Factory’s Tart profile frozen yogurts are all natural, too. You can click on the specific frozen yogurt below to view the complete nutritional and ingredient statement including allergen notices:

All Natural Classic
Italian Style
Pomegranate Energy

Raspberry Tart
Green Tea
Wild Berry
Zesty Orange

Pomegranate Raspberry
Peach Mango
Blueberry Acai


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