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FAQ - Frozen Yogurt Franchise

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YoGo Factory Franchising partners with you every step of the way as you begin your frozen yogurt franchise. We will gladly assist you in the best site selection(s), store buildout(s) and design(s), in-house training, store set up, grand opening preparation(s) and ongoing support. You will also receive the necessary tools on how to effectively connect and partner with your surrounding communities as you establish your initial customer database. We are committed to sharing with you our proven business plan so that you have the ability to effectively grow your frozen yogurt franchise.

By becoming a YoGo Factory Franchisee you will receive two major benefits initial and ongoing support and, the established experience and brand name of YoGo Factory. Both support for a frozen yogurt franchise and the backing of experience and brand name are important for any new franchise. YoGo Factory provides you with both major categories.

Initial frozen yogurt franchise support starts with step by step guidance with site selection(s) and store design(s). YoGo will then help you with full and complete training program, as well as complete in-store training. We continue to aid in helping you with purchasing equipment and inventory from approved suppliers.

Our frozen yogurt franchise support continues with remote and on-site visits for support from caring corporate staff to help you with any challenges or additional tanning needs. We also help you with continued focus on quality and cost control through our carefully selected vendors. Then we will also help you with marketing guidance, including professionally designed marketing materials from our in-house graphic design and marketing team.

One of the most important features and draw to opening a frozen yogurt franchise is gaining the experience and backing of an established franchise with a well-known name. When you partner with YoGo you get the use of the YoGo Factory brand name, website and huge social media presence. We also provide you with our confidential YoGo Factory handbooks and manuals, including operations.

We also provide you with our tried and test systems so you can focus on getting your frozen yogurt franchise up and going. This starts with our state of the art YoGo Factory programmed Point of Sale systems. YoGo also provides you wth franchisee website access which provides access ordering operational products, as well as promotional and marketing material.

When you partner with YoGo Factory to open your frozen yogurt franchise you can rest assured that you will get all of the support and guidance that you need to make your frozen yogurt franchise successful. To begin or learn more simply fill out our Franchisee Application Form, call our coprate offices at 609-748-YOGO, or visit our frequently asked questions page.

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