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FAQ - Frozen Yogurt Franchise

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How much does it cost to open my own YoGo Factory frozen yogurt franchise?

- The total initial investment necessary to begin operation of a YoGo Factory frozen yogurt franchise is $200,000.00 to $500,000. This includes the Franchise Fee of $25,000.00 and initial operation expenses that are paid to YoGo Factory. An Average store will cost an estimated $300,000.00 to open.

What is included with the frozen yogurt franchise fee?

- When you sign with us to be a member of the YoGo Factory family, we will provide you with full training inside our corporate stores, complete guidance and support while you build-out your location, all product distributor contact and YoGo Factory account discounts, a protected territory around your location, and rights and access to our trademark and the use of the YoGo Factory brand name.

Is there an on-going monthly fee?

- Yes. The monthly fee is 5% of Gross Sales as Royalty + 1.5% toward Marketing.
We also offer discounts for multi-store operators. Franchise Partners receive the following multi-store discounts.
1 Store: 6% of Gross Sales
3-4 Stores: 5.5% of Gross Sales
5-10 Stores: 5% of Gross Sales
11+ Stores: 4.5% of Gross Sales

Are there Net Worth requirements for becoming a Franchisee?

- Yes. . We require $75,000.00 in liquid assets and $300,000.00 net worth. Expect your overall build out to cost $225,000-$350,000 on average.

Where can I open a YoGo Factory Frozen Yogurt Franchise?

- YoGo Factory is expanding across the U.S. and internationally. Although some territories may be spoken for, there are still many great potential sites still out there.

What store size should I look for in an available territory?

- You should look for a commercial space of 1200-3000 square feet. We strongly recommend working with a local commercial broker that understands the area's commercial market to find a space.

How long does it take to open a frozen yogurt franchise?

- Typically, you can open a frozen yogurt franchise in 2-4 months from the day you officially sign with YoGo Factory. Keep in mind that there can be time delays with any construction project. Depending on the availability of your new location(s) you may be even be able to open in a shorter time frame.

How much will I make at each frozen yogurt franchise I open?

- Sales vary from store to store. Please fill out an interest form, including specific questions in the Comment section, and we will be happy to answer you directly.

I’m interested in opening a frozen yogurt franchise! How do I get started?

- Fill out our Interest Form with as much information as you can provide and a franchise coordinator will respond to you as soon as soon as possible, typically within 1-2 business days.

If you would like to speak to someone today, feel free to contact us direct via telephone at 609-748-YOGO

process yogo marketing testimonial faq apply now


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