The Basics of Frozen Yogurt Franchises

Frozen yogurt franchises are proven and established business relationship between an investor and a corporation or business. The corporation or business extending the franchise opportunity to investors has a proven business model and extends its model as well as corporate support and assistance to the investor. The investor makes a financial investment into the business when opening a franchise location for the corporation, and because of this, a franchise is not similar to a chain of stores or restaurants owned by the corporation. When the right franchise is selected by the investor, this is a highly profitable and advantageous type of business relationship for the investor.

Frozen yogurt franchises are a lucrative investment due to the increasing health trend in consumers today. YoGo Factory frozen yogurt franchises are the best franchise opportunity available to investors for a number of reasons. This is among the most reputable of all brands in the frozen yogurt industry, and franchisees are able to instantly capitalize on the established success of the brand as well as its current corporate infrastructure. As a franchisee, you can put to use corporate marketing through our popular website, social media marketing efforts and our in-house marketing services. In addition, you can take advantage of our proven business model throughout the set-up of your venue as well as with daily operations. In fact, you will receive assistance with everything from the selection of your site location and the interior design of your venue to the training of employees and the purchase of your equipment.

Investors who are considering investing in frozen yogurt franchises are concerned about the time it will take to manage a frozen yogurt shop as well as their return on investment. They want to know how quickly they can see a return initially and what return they can expect on an on-going basis. Because YoGo Factory frozen yogurt franchises allows you to take advantage of a proven business model, you will find that the return on investment can be tremendous. In fact, it can be even greater if you decide to open multiple franchise locations. This is because a diminishing franchise fee is available, and the fee stair-steps down as you open even more YoGo Factory frozen yogurt franchises.


What you can expect when thinking about opening a YoGo frozen yogurt franchise


Many people love the delicious, healthy alternative of frozen yogurt from time to time, and as an investor or entrepreneur, you can capitalize on this by investing in a frozen yogurt franchise. You can consider the alternative of opening up an independent, non-franchised yogurt shop or investing in another franchise, but with a closer look, you will see that YoGo Factory is the best option available.

When you work with YoGo Factory to open your frozen yogurt franchise, you will enjoy help every step of the way. It can take a lot of time, effort and even proven experience to get a successful yogurt shop up and running. Your goal certainly is to get your investment turning a profit quickly, and YoGo Factory provides its franchisees with the tools needed to accomplish this. Initially, franchisees will receive guidance from corporate staff to select the location a new site. Location is everything, and the YoGo Factory team members are available to ensure that you make the best selection possible when choosing a frozen yogurt franchise location. In addition, you will receive guidance with regards to its internal design and setting up the store before the grand opening.

When you invest in a YoGo Factory frozen yogurt franchise, you can also take advantage of the reputable brand name to entice customers to visit your venue. This is an established name, and the company has a huge social media presence as well as a highly popular website. These marketing tools are at your disposal, and corporate staff can also assist with your store’s individual marketing plan. In-house graphic design services are available to you as well.

Running your frozen yogurt franchise on a daily basis is simplified when you are a YoGo Factory franchisee as well. You will work with corporate vendors, and costs are controlled through the corporate office. This includes supplies, ingredients and equipment. A full training program is provided for you and your employees. You will also have access to the YoGo Factory corporate handbook and operational manuals for guidance.

Keep in mind that the franchise fee for a YoGo Factory frozen yogurt franchise is scaled down if you decide to open additional sites. Taking advantage of this can help you to maximize your return on your investment. Fill Out or frozen yogurt franchise application form to or give us a call to learn more!

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