Frozen Yogurt Franchising

Investing in a frozen yogurt franchise like YoGo Factory comes with some expectations on the part of the entrepreneur. While every type of investment will come with some element of risk, you have the expectation that your investment will have a great return. In order to enjoy a lucrative return from frozen yogurt franchising, however, your franchise will need to turn a profit on a regular basis, and this means that your store needs to be well-managed. With your YoGo Factory franchise, you can take advantage of the in-house training provided by the YoGo University.

YoGo University is designed to teach all of your staff members the ins and outs of frozen yogurt franchising. It takes a team to run a business successfully, so your managers and staff are invited to attend YoGo University and learn all about what it takes to run a successful store. One area that the university focuses on is the importance of a skilled manager who can lead and guide the staff. However, the staff’s ability to take responsibility for daily functions in the store is also critical to the operations and success of the venue. This is why the university focuses on both staff and managerial tasks to teach everyone the needs skills for frozen yogurt franchising. Your team will be trained in everything from equipment cleaning and hiring strategies to seasonal planning for flavor management and how to use point-of-sale software. Managers will understand how to utilize social media marketing and other marketing tools offered by the corporate office.

You can take advantage of the benefits of the YoGo University as soon as you become a franchisee. By sending a manager and staff member to the school, you can ensure that your frozen yogurt franchising efforts are a success. The school provides them with classroom-style training as well as hands-on training, so they will know exactly what to do from the very first day your store opens.

When you are selecting the right frozen yogurt franchising company to invest in, the corporate training that is provided to your managers and staff is a critical component. You want to invest in a brand that cares about your success as well as your site’s ability to reflect positively on the brand in your local market. The YoGo University is in place to ensure that your investment is a success, and this is beneficial to the franchiser, the franchisee and even the team at your store. Visit our Franchise page to learn more of the benefits of teaming with YoGo Factory for your Frozen Yogurt Franchising.



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