Franchisee Testimony: Jack and Jean Solerno

Jack Solerno:

It’s been tremendous. It’s beyond my expectations. We’re in a community that’s a small community, but the business has been just tremendous. We’ve had people just coming in constantly. We’ve been doing really well. I’m looking forward to this summer.

Jean Solerno:

It’s a great location. People are excellent and very welcoming. People were very excited for our opening and it’s been very lucrative. From the beginning, it was a great crowd, and it’s continued steadily. It’s easier than we thought in the beginning.


Yogo Factory has really supported us, and they had managers come in for us to help us out the first month, and it just made the flow so easy for us. Now we’re a well-oiled machine right now, and it just seems to run on its own, and it’s a tremendous opportunity. I’m just so happy I did it.

I’m thinking about maybe doing a second one next year, because, it’s just worth it. It’s just a tremendous opportunity. I’m really happy about it.

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