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Operating a Yogurt Franchise

Before you make the final decision about which frozen yogurt franchise to invest in, it is important to take a closer look at the costs associated with operating a yogurt franchise. Each frozen yogurt franchise will have a different franchise fee in place, but they each will also provide you with different services and benefits in exchange for your fee. Some offer a truly basic benefits package, and the main benefit may come from name brand recognition along with access to the furnishings and menu options that the brand is known for. The best franchise, however, offers you real benefits in relation to operating a yogurt franchise.


If you have been thinking about opening and operating a yogurt franchise, you should consider reviewing the costs as well as the benefits associated with a YoGo Factory franchise. The YoGo Factory franchise has a percentage-based fee structure, and this means that you can more easily control your overhead. You will not need to worry about paying a hefty franchise fee if you have a slow month, for example. In addition, the actual percentage rate is decreased when you own multiple YoGo Factory franchises. While these costs are designed to be relatively low, the fact is that you will benefit in substantial ways when you invest in a YoGo Factory franchise. Because this is one of the most popular yogurt franchises that you can invest in, you will enjoy profitability from name brand recognition. In addition, you will also benefit from several marketing benefits, on-going access to corporate training of your employees and managers and numerous other benefits.


The fact is that when you are analyzing the costs associated with operating a yogurt franchise and are trying to project the profit from your investment, you want to keep costs low. However, you also want to invest in a franchise that offers true benefits to you. The benefits that come with a YoGo Factory franchise can actually help you to boost profits. Therefore, the net benefits associated with a YoGo Factory franchise can be tremendous and can far outweigh the net benefits associated with investing in another frozen yogurt franchise.

Yogurt Franchise Opportunities

Savvy investors and entrepreneurs today are taking a closer look at frozen yogurt franchise opportunities, and they are analyzing the benefits and features of each one to find the best option. If you are included in this group of forward-thinking individuals, you may be wondering which features are most important to look for in yogurt franchise opportunities.

As a business-minded professional, you may understand that your bottom line will be directly affected by the franchise fees that you are required to pay. Each of the yogurt franchise opportunities has a different fee structure in place. Our structure has a declining fee based on the number of shops that you open. If you have plans to open more than one shop initially or to open additional shops in the future, this is a great opportunity to consider.

In addition to the fees, however, you also want to compare what benefits and services you will enjoy with the fees. It may seem wise to opt for the lowest fee structure possible, but there are clear benefits associated with our franchise services. For example, with your franchise fee, you will enjoy marketing support, professional training, assistance opening your shop and more. When it comes to selecting frozen yogurt franchise opportunities, you want to consider the full benefits in combination with the fees. In addition, you also want to consider the reputation of the company and how well-known it is. When you choose to work with YoGo Factory, people will be drawn to your shop based on our reputation alone, and there is a clear benefit to you through this.

If you are currently exploring all of the yogurt franchise opportunities in more detail, take a close look at what we have to offer. In fact, when you see all of the benefits that we provide as well as our impressive fee structure, you will see that other opportunities do not measure up to what we offer.

The Benefits of a Yogurt Franchise

Many Americans today are growing increasingly conscious of their health. Of course, many also have a sweet tooth, and they love to indulge from time to time giving rise to the yogurt franchise. Couples, families and even individuals treat themselves in a dessert, but many are choosing frozen yogurt over ice cream. Frozen yogurt has been increasingly in popularity in recent years because it has the same delicious taste of ice cream but with greater health benefits. As an investor, you can capitalize on this trend by opening a yogurt franchise through YoGo Factory.

While some people believe that frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream simply because of the reduced fat, sugar and calorie content, the fact is that there are other health benefits provided as well. Most types of frozen yogurt, for example, feature probiotics. Lactobacillus is one of the probiotics found in frozen yogurt. It and other probiotics have been proven to both prevent and treat various conditions and ailments. These range from allergies to various types of gastrointestinal conditions. In addition, frozen yogurt is rich in nutritional content, containing high levels of calcium, potassium and other nutrients. Making owning a yogurt franchise not just a good financial investment but a healthy one as well.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a study in 2009 that indicated that Americans are increasingly choosing frozen yogurt over ice cream. During the study period between 1998 and 2007, the average consumption of ice cream per person decreased while frozen yogurt consumption almost doubled.

With a YoGo Factory yogurt franchise, you can take advantage of this growing trend in a profitable way. A YoGo yogurt franchise provides you with a way to take advantage of the company’s proven business model and popular brand name. Franchisees also enjoy a competitive franchise fee coupled with support services that range from assistance with the selection of the store site and cost-controlled vendors to corporate training and in-house marketing.

When you make an investment, you want to invest in something that has some upside. All factors indicate that the current trend away from ice cream and toward frozen yogurt will continue, and you can fully take advantage of this trend with an investment into a YoGo yogurt franchise. If you are considering opening a yogurt franchise team up with us to get the best experience you can. Learn more today!