Why Entrepreneurs Love The Idea Of Owning A Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Opening a frozen yogurt franchise is a way to make the dream of owning your own business a reality. One of the benefits of opening a franchise is that you don’t have to start from scratch. This is what attracts many people to franchise opportunities.

When you open a frozen yogurt franchise you are working with a proven business model. Any questions or concerns that you have about ingredients, ordering or hiring can be brought to the attention of someone at the corporate office. This doesn’t happen when you open a stand-alone business or otherwise start from scratch.

Up And Running

Time frame is something else that attracts entrepreneurs to opening a frozen yogurt franchise. Building any business takes time and that includes a franchise. However, a franchise takes less time to get up and running than a startup company does. This is because there are templates available for everything from site design to seating arrangements. Opening a frozen yogurt franchise is one of the quickest ways to start a business that you will be happy to run.

Most people do not want to wait years before they turn a profit. With a franchise, it won’t take years because the business has already been built. The process has been streamlined from conception to grand opening. In some cases, opening a frozen yogurt franchise takes less than 90 days. Of course, there are many variables that factor in, location being one of them.

Training Provided

Before you open your YoGo Factory store, you will visit our corporate store to learn how thing is done. We offer this opportunity so you can see for yourself how we have set up the entire process. It’s also a way to build confidence for opening day.

Filling out the franchise application form begins the process. You will learn:


  • About our competitive royalty fees


  • Get a feel for how a YoGo Factory franchise operates


  • Learn about the corporate support that will be available

Has opening a frozen yogurt franchise always been a dream? If so, it’s time to get started. Visit our Franchise page to begin learning more!

Running Frozen Yogurt Shops

While opening your frozen yogurt shops can seem daunting, the fact is that running frozen yogurt shops also requires considerable skills, knowledge and effort. When you are opening a new frozen yogurt shop, you may be focused on selecting the right site location for your store, completing the build out process and hiring great employees. However, after opening day has come and gone, running frozen yogurt shops with daily effort becomes a reality. You may not realize it, but selecting the right frozen yogurt franchise to invest in can actually make running frozen yogurt shops an easier task.


YoGo Factory is among the most popular franchises available, and there are several key reasons why this is the franchise that you want to invest in. The franchise goes above and beyond to help investors like you get their shop up and running. It provides services like assistance with site selection, build out and employee training. However, it does not stop there. Running frozen yogurt shops does require considerable effort, and through YoGo University, you and your team will learn the ins and outs of frozen yogurt shop operations and management. In fact, through the YoGo Factory on-site educational center, you and your team will learn more about topics like opening and closing processes, proper cleaning techniques, supplies management, distribution techniques, hiring and staffing management solutions, advertising strategies, financial planning and reporting, seasonal planning for flavors and more.


The fact is that if you want your frozen yogurt shop to be a success, you do have a lot to learn. While some franchises will let you learn the ropes on your own, YoGo Factory is a franchise that is dedicated to simplifying the process of running frozen yogurt shops. If you have been searching for the right frozen yogurt franchise to invest in, it is important to consider what services the franchise will provide to you that will help you to take the stress and challenge out of the day to day operations of your business. When you want to invest in a franchise that supports you on a regular basis, you want to consider investing in a YoGo Factory franchise today!

Operating a Yogurt Franchise

Before you make the final decision about which frozen yogurt franchise to invest in, it is important to take a closer look at the costs associated with operating a yogurt franchise. Each frozen yogurt franchise will have a different franchise fee in place, but they each will also provide you with different services and benefits in exchange for your fee. Some offer a truly basic benefits package, and the main benefit may come from name brand recognition along with access to the furnishings and menu options that the brand is known for. The best franchise, however, offers you real benefits in relation to operating a yogurt franchise.


If you have been thinking about opening and operating a yogurt franchise, you should consider reviewing the costs as well as the benefits associated with a YoGo Factory franchise. The YoGo Factory franchise has a percentage-based fee structure, and this means that you can more easily control your overhead. You will not need to worry about paying a hefty franchise fee if you have a slow month, for example. In addition, the actual percentage rate is decreased when you own multiple YoGo Factory franchises. While these costs are designed to be relatively low, the fact is that you will benefit in substantial ways when you invest in a YoGo Factory franchise. Because this is one of the most popular yogurt franchises that you can invest in, you will enjoy profitability from name brand recognition. In addition, you will also benefit from several marketing benefits, on-going access to corporate training of your employees and managers and numerous other benefits.


The fact is that when you are analyzing the costs associated with operating a yogurt franchise and are trying to project the profit from your investment, you want to keep costs low. However, you also want to invest in a franchise that offers true benefits to you. The benefits that come with a YoGo Factory franchise can actually help you to boost profits. Therefore, the net benefits associated with a YoGo Factory franchise can be tremendous and can far outweigh the net benefits associated with investing in another frozen yogurt franchise.

How Much Does a Yogurt Franchise Cost

If you are wondering how much does a yogurt franchise cost, you are not alone. The total cost of ownership will affect your return on investment as an investor, so it does make sense to take a closer look at the different costs associated with it. When you ask how much does a yogurt franchise cost, you will want to consider how much the up-front or start-up costs as well as the ongoing costs associated with its operation. This will help you to determine how profitable your investment into a franchised frozen yogurt shop may be.


One of the key aspects to consider when you ask how much does a yogurt franchise cost relates to the initial costs associating with starting the business. There are usually up-front franchise fees and start-up costs related to the store space and build out. In addition, you may be required to document a certain amount of liquid assets and net worth before you are approved as a franchise owner. The other key aspect to consider when you ask how much does a yogurt franchise cost relates to the ongoing costs associated with operating the business. These costs are related to the ongoing franchise fee, regular expenses and more.


As you can see, when you ask how much does a yogurt franchise cost, a major portion of the cost is related to the franchise itself. It makes sense to attempt to keep these costs down as this will help you to enjoy greater profits from your store and a higher return on investment. However, with a YoGo Factory franchise, you get real value from your franchise relationship. This is because your franchise fees pay for assistance with the startup, training of employees, ongoing marketing and operational support and so much more. With a YoGo Factory franchise, you will need to meet certain financial requirements before you are approved. However, once you are approved for your franchise, you will receive considerable support from the corporate office. In fact, the level of support provided to franchise owners by the YoGo Factory corporate office is among the highest in the business.

Finding the Best Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Finding the best frozen yogurt franchise to use for your upcoming investment can seem challenging, but the fact is that it doesn’t have to be. It is true that there are numerous popular franchises that you can choose to invest in. However, if you are serious about finding the best frozen yogurt franchise, you do not need to look further than YoGo Factory.

When it comes to finding the best frozen yogurt franchise available, you want to consider a few key points. Some investors will pay attention only to the franchise fees that are charged. It is true that you want to keep your franchise fees low. However, it is more important that you obtain true benefits from your franchise fee. Consider that your YoGo Factory fee is highly competitive, and you can even invest in multiple franchises for a discount on your franchise fee. With this competitive fee, you will enjoy a significant number of highly beneficial services that may not be available with other franchises. For example, a YoGo Factory franchise comes with assistance from the corporate office for your store site location, the build out of the store, in-house training of your staff, assistance with the grand opening and other services. The benefits continue on throughout your years as a franchise owner with marketing assistance, equipment purchases and more. Marketing materials that are professionally designed by the corporate office may be available to you, and you can also benefit from marketing assistance from the popular corporate website.

If you are focused on finding the best frozen yogurt franchise to invest in, you should carefully compare the benefits associated with a Yogo Factory franchise. The YoGo Factory name alone will draw numerous consumers into your store. The brand is known for its fun customer experience and delicious treats. While you can benefit from brand recognition, the YoGo Factory franchise provides investors with so much more. To learn more about becoming a YoGo Franchisee visit our Franchise page Today!

Franchisee Testimony: Jack and Jean Solerno

Jack Solerno:

It’s been tremendous. It’s beyond my expectations. We’re in a community that’s a small community, but the business has been just tremendous. We’ve had people just coming in constantly. We’ve been doing really well. I’m looking forward to this summer.

Jean Solerno:

It’s a great location. People are excellent and very welcoming. People were very excited for our opening and it’s been very lucrative. From the beginning, it was a great crowd, and it’s continued steadily. It’s easier than we thought in the beginning.


Yogo Factory has really supported us, and they had managers come in for us to help us out the first month, and it just made the flow so easy for us. Now we’re a well-oiled machine right now, and it just seems to run on its own, and it’s a tremendous opportunity. I’m just so happy I did it.

I’m thinking about maybe doing a second one next year, because, it’s just worth it. It’s just a tremendous opportunity. I’m really happy about it.

Franchisee Testimony: Fred Bohrman

It’s been great. Opening day couldn’t be any better than we expected. We got an awful lot of help from the franchise, with sending people down, and helping us get started. It only took five weeks from when we got started, to when we opened our doors. I initially was going to do something on my own, and I decided that after meeting with Brian and the franchise, this would certainly be a lot better way to go, and I haven’t been disappointed. It’s been great. I’m hoping to open more stores in the future, if this is any indication.

Yeah, I think it’s great. It happens to be a good time to open up right now. You know, we’ve opened up the perfect time of the year. It’s just as the summer started and it’s going to be great for us.

Frozen Yogurt Business

After you have firmly decided to move forward and open a frozen yogurt business, you may be wondering which company you should connect with for a successful franchise opportunity. Frozen yogurt is an increasingly popular dessert option because it is both delicious and healthy. Because of its increasing popularity across the country, there are now several rather popular chains that you can consider when looking for a franchise opportunity. However, before you make your decision about how to proceed with your new frozen yogurt business, you want to review the franchise opportunities in more detail.

The fact is that the best opportunity to pursue for your new frozen yogurt business is one that paves the way for an increased chance of success. When you are reviewing the different opportunities, you want to take a closer look at what steps each one will take to help you open your doors. Many people are making the decision to open a YoGo Factory shop because of the benefits and features that are available through our franchise company. For example, before you open your doors, we will assist you with the selection of the best store site, the build-out process for your store, training new employees and even marketing to drive traffic to your store on opening day. Some franchises may offer limited benefits and charge high fees. With a YoGo Factory frozen yogurt business, however, we understand that your shop’s success relates to our success. It takes every step possible to ensure your success, and this is done through the combination of low fees and supportive, beneficial services.

If you have not yet taken the time to review the benefits of working with YoGo Factory for your new frozen yogurt business, you should do so today. While YoGo Factory takes the initiative to help you get your shop up and running, the services also continue with support on a day-to-day basis. Many who have already done their own research have made the decision to move forward with YoGo Factory. After you have performed your research, you will see for yourself why this is. Contact us today to learn more about a frozen yogurt business franchise opportunity with YoGo Factory.